Clerk’s Office

Township Clerk: Mike Porfirio
Deputy Clerk: George Pach
Youth Engagement / Voter Outreach Coordinator: Nour Jaghama

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Duties of the Clerk:

The Township Clerk is clerk of the town board of trustees, keeper of all records, except those for active general assistance cases. The Clerk is required to keep accurate records of all meetings of the town board and to maintain records of Executive Sessions of the board according to statute (minimum of six months when they are to be reviewed). The Clerk is also responsible for taking the roll call on all votes.

The Clerk is the local election authority and is responsible for accepting petitions concerning local elections and/or referendums. The Township Clerk is responsible for publishing or posting certain specific notices including notices for the highway commissioner.

The Township Clerk is ex-officio clerk of the road district and maintains the records of highway commissioner. The Clerk must be present for the bid opening for both the township and road district.

Services provided by the Clerk:

*Notary available


What is a Wheel Tax?

The Cook County Wheel Tax Ordinance, commonly referred to as “vehicle stickers”, states that it is unlawful for any vehicle owner residing or registered within the unincorporated area of Cook County to own, possess, use, or to cause or permit any of his agents, employees, lessees or bailees to use any motor vehicle upon the unincorporated area of Cook County without remitting payment for the annual Wheel Tax Liability. The Cook County Wheel Tax is valid for the peri