Coalition Mission

The purpose of the Township of Lyons Environmental Enhancement coalition is to bring people together who are interested in providing, maintaining, and ensuring a healthful environment for all citizens in the Township, as well as for future generations. Environmental damage seriously endangers the fulfillment of this objective. In order to fulfill this obligation, the Environment Enhancement Coalition will work to encourage and connect initiatives that help promote a healthful environment in the Township community. Cultivating green space is also a well-documented way to improve mental and physical well-being.

March 2024 Meeting Invitation Click HERE.

Monarch Butterfly Efforts

The Township of Lyons Clerk’s Office is passionate about native plants and pollinators. If you share this passion and want a FREE milkweed seed packet to help Monarch butterflies, write an email to our office Community Outreach Manager, Molly Price, at You can coordinate pick-up of the seed packet from our office, or we can mail it to your address.

Please click on the following org logos to learn about upcoming events to help our pollinators:

Pollinator Partnership logo

Sag Moraine Native Plant Community

Monarch Project Takes Flight - DeKalb County Farm Bureau Connections


Native Plant Efforts

Information coming soon.

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