Vehicle stickers are no longer physical stickers, rather they are an online tax residents must pay.
The wheel tax can’t be purchased at the Township unless a resident requests assistance
purchasing the tax online. In this case the resident must pay for the tax using a credit or debit
card. More information can be found on the wheel tax at

The Township is a community link and provides services like free senior transportation, a youth
work program, assistance and support for many different mental health initiatives throughout the
township community, and assistance for those with disabilities.

The Clerk oversees the minutes and votes at board meetings, and is the custodian of all township
records. The Clerk’s office also acts as a resource and support for the 17 communities in the
township. The office assists with many different matters and provides free notary services and
help with handicap placards. Furthermore, if a resident has a problem and cannot seem to figure
out what government entity to turn to, the Clerk can help navigate the situation. To learn more
about the Clerk’s office, visit

Residents with a Disability Placard Application issued by Secretary of State Jesse White, and signed by their physician, can receive a 90-day temporary placard at the Clerk’s office. Learn more at

One can register to vote online at If you are having trouble filling out the online form, the Clerk’s office would be happy to assist you, just bring a form of ID with your picture and current address (a driver’s license or state ID are ideal). Residents may also fill out voter registration forms on paper at the Clerk’s office, just bring two forms of ID.

Yes, notary services are provided by the Clerk’s office.

The General Assistance office directs residents to resources concerning these matters and many more; the office can be reached by calling (708) 482-8300 ext 232.

Call the office and we can register you over the phone.

Call the office to make a reservation.
Medical appointments: call as soon as you get your appointment. Any time way in advance of the appointment.
Shopping appointments: call the day before the shopping date starting at 8:00AM as it fills up fast.

We stay within the Township of Lyons except for medical appointments. We will go up to 2 miles beyond the Township for medical appointments only.

Other providers in the Lyons Township area are:
Pace Para Transit: 312-663-4357
Interfaith Community Partners: 708-354-9328
La Grange and Hinsdale Hospitals: call the hospital and request Courtesy Van Service.
Superior Ambulance Courtesy Van (serving La Grange and Hinsdale areas): 630-832-2000
Blue Sky Transportation: 708-567-8687
Hines VA Hospital: 708-202-8387, dial O, ask for Hines Travel dept.

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