November 8th Election Information

The 2022 Gubernatorial Elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 8th! Make sure you are registered to vote and begin planning which method you will use to cast your ballot. You can register to vote online, here.
Early voting
Early voting will begin on October 24th, and ends on November 7th. Some early voting locations in the Township of Lyons include Hodgkins Village Hall, Brookfield Village Hall, and Bridgeview Courthouse. You can find all other early voting locations, and their hours, here.
Mail-in Ballots
You also have the option to vote by mail! Request a mail-in ballot, here. Apply as soon as possible to ensure you are able to cast your vote in time! Keep in mind, your ballot must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received at the Cook County Clerk’s office within 14 days after Election Day.
Become an Election Judge!
The Cook County Clerk’s office needs help on election day! Become an election judge to serve your community and make some extra money ($200). Judges must work from 5am-7pm on election day, and attend training courses. If you’d like to become an election judge, fill out the form at this link.
Please contact the Township of Lyons Clerk’s office at (708) 482-8300 with any questions about the upcoming election.
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