Argo Community High School Voter Registration Drive

Clerk Mike Porfirio, Voter Outreach Coordinator Nour Jaghama, and a team of volunteers set out to Argo Community High School on Friday, October 11 for a very important mission. The goal? Register as many students to vote as possible within their lunch period. With great help from the staff, the voter registration crew was set up and ready to go by 10 a.m. Equipped with pens, registration applications, and a microphone, they were determined to get the crowd excited about voting. The response from the students was phenomenal. Many were eager to register and began asking questions about election judging, primaries, and Illinois voting age requirements. Even those who were too young to register wanted to be part of the conversation, some pledging to register to vote the moment they were eligible. The event was possible thanks to William Toulios, the assistant principal, who invited the Clerk to hold the voter registration drive and created a welcoming environment for the team. They concluded the event with 103 newly registered voters!

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